90 Days to Abundance: 3 Hour Workshop


--> You are done with feeling overwhelmed & exhausted because you are busting your tail but not seeing results...
-->You watch tons of webinars and free content, yet you do not know HOW to apply them to your biz ...
--> You know you are meant for more, but not sure how to create more traction to achieve your goals ...

My Biz Changed Once I Created My 90 Day To Abundance Vision & Strategy Plan! ... And it can for you too!!

"I have to give Indrani Phillips a shout out! The 90 days of abundance course was phenomenal! In the 10 days since I purchased this course I have secured 1 guest expert spot on a Tele-summit, being asked to be a guest blogger and I have discovery calls booked until the end of October!! #TotalGameChanger" - Jasmine Smith


--> You had a vision so powerful it gave you chills every time you thought about it?

--> You woke up every day excited, because you knew exactly what needed to get done to manifest your goals?

---> You had the tools and resources to get back into high vibes when "life happens?"

AND ... What If You Could Create This In as Little as 3 Hours??

My Business And Life Changed When I Created This Process For Myself ... And Now I Am Sharing It With You!

In this unique workshop, we leverage both the feminine and masculine energy to create a powerful mindset and action plan to manifest your goals in 90 Days! (Most programs focus on one or the other).

In as little as 3 hours, you will have a completed virtual vision board (that you actually like looking at), which you can access at any time. Kick ass declarations which will give you goosebumps. A strategy and plan to manifest your goals.

Pretty rad right???

Here is exactly what you will walk away with in just 3 hours ...

  1. Powerful Virtual Vision Board Which Will Create High Vibes to Manifest Your Goals
  2. Kickass Custom Affirmations Which Will Give You Goosebumps
  3. Strategy for Your Business
  4. Custom Action Plan to Manifest Your Goals

 And the Shifts are Mind Blowing ... 

Are you ready to achieve your goals and create your 90 Days to Abundance Plan?

I will guide you in each step of the way. It's your time. Let's do this!


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