Effortless Launch Mastermind

The Effortless Launch mastermind is here!

The 3 month mastermind will take you through a customized, yet Effortless process for you to create, market + sell your offering with effortless flow while your payment notifications are blowing up your phone.

I made $78,000 on my most recent launch with a brand new offering, The Effortless Life Facilitator Training.

I more than doubled my goal with:

  • No paid FB ads/marketing
  • No funnels
  • No Challenges
  • No copyrighter
  • No sales calls
  • No professional sales page. I did my own sales page in 90 minutes


And no. It is not because I am a master at launches. Actually it was quite the opposite. 

8 Months Ago ...

The Effortless Business Launch was anything but Effortless. I did all of the things the "experts" told me to do.

  • I hosted a 5 day challenge
  • I held tons of clarity calls
  • I hired a copywriter
  • I paid for a professional sales page

Even though I had planned all of this, it was anything but Effortless.

I ended up procrastinating. I was in resistance with each step of the process. When time was running out, I went into full hustle mode to meet my goal of $20,000. I was so exhausted that I did not even celebrate the launch. I was so traumatized I cancelled my next launch.

As I went back through to reflect on my launch process, I realized the missing pieces. When I implemented my learnings, it CHANGED EVERYTHING.


Fast Forward to my launch in October, just 5 months later ... 

My launch was in Effortless flow. I was effortlessly magnetizing clients paying in full - without ever interacting with them on social media. My soul aligned clients were FLOCKING to me.

I blew past my $30,000 goal in the FIRST 10 DAYS of my 30 day launch. 

I ended up making $48,000 OVER my launch goal to a total of $78,000!

The best part? It was more Effortless than I could have imagined. And now I am able to share my process, mindset, offer creation, magnetizing marketing and launch strategy with you. 

In 3 months you will:

  • Go through a Money Blueprint process to increase the flow of your money (this is GOLD!)
  • Create your signature offering (1:1, group program, workshop...)
  • Develop a kickass marketing strategy to connect + magnetize your soul aligned clients
  • Implement an Effortless launch strategy that is custom to you + your goals
  • Have support + receive guidance when you are hit with resistance, self doubt and indecisiveness to keep you moving forward

Most importantly, you are in my energy & my vibes. It's a powerful thing to have someone hold space for you, answer your questions & guides you. When you create your Effortless life, you will be so excited to help others with theirs.

It will be EPIC.

I have been a part of different masterminds & now I am taking the best of what I loved about each and adding EXTRA.

I know the value of being in someone's energy and having some who has your back which you have private access to. I work with coaches who are 2 steps ahead of me so I can be in their energy, have them guide me so I can effortless reach my next level goals. And as I learn more powerful strategies, I share them with you.

In the Effortless Launch Mastermind, we get deep into your mindset and any resistance you have around you money, offerings confidence + receiving.

We clear your resistance around your goals to up your vibes to call in your Effortless Launch.

We create a soul aligned marketing + launch strategy so you are excited to take action.

And you have my energy, my support and holding space for you to get everything you need to crush your goals.


- 3 month program where we take you through your offer creation to marketing strategy + launch plan to bring in the sales like a QUEEN.

- 3 weekly calls/month. Mixture of mindset, strategy, energy, fears, resistance, being famous etc... I feel into what the group needs, and will have a q+a so I can tailor the content to you.

- 1 week/month for implementation to catch up + rejuvenate.

- Accountability partner who will support you powerfully through the process.

- Community of other people who have your similar goals. A place where you can receive guidance when the good old resistance hits. And you feel like giving up. I will tap into your energy and give you the prompts to move you through your resistance so you can step into your divine power to sell out your launch. 

- My energy. My vibes. Me holding space for you to step into your Effortless launch with confidence, joy + alignment.

Total Value: $15,000

You also receive bonus courses from The Effortless Life Academy

  1. 90 Days to Abundance course ($97)

  2. The Effortless Business 3 month self study course ($997)

Effortless Flow Mastermind: $6000 pay in full.

It will be Epic. You are surrounded with me & other kickass women doing their thing. All with the same goal to be their NEXT LEVEL self and create their Effortless Launch with joy watching the money rolling in and the people joining that you are meant to serve.

This is for the women:

- Who know they are ready to step up their game in their business. 

- Who are determined, committed and ready to take the action to nail their goals.

- Who desire to do things on their own terms but knows the power of someone there who can guide them to their breakthroughs and quantum leap their success.


Are you ready?? Let's do this!

Here are some of the comments from the women from my most recent group program. 

"Hello Beautiful! This program is helping me release patterns that have held me back for MANY years. The energy you bring to the livestreams is contagious and lifts us up as we engage with new content. Your energy and the practices we’ve learned have been like a flashlight on deeply rooted patterns from my childhood years. Because of my commitment to doing the work, and the flexibility to do it in my own way, I have been addressing issues with my family and within my love relationship for the first time in a way that feels empowering. And breakthroughs are happening!! My family is open to difficult conversations and my partner and I are more tuned into each other than ever. This is having a huge impact on my vibration and my ability to attract abundance. SO much release and facing fears is allowing me to rise and feel confident even through uncertain times. You provide a container and loving energy for this BIG transformation!!! For people who are on the fence, I would say, if you’re ready to activate your power, this container and Indrani Phillips’s energy is like a playground for releasing fears, like fertile ground for growing dreams. When you commit to doing the work, transformation is inevitable. Boom. (If you use this, please keep it anonymous for me due to family and boyfriend confidentiality) oh and ps I love you Indrani!!"

" The program is Amazing! I literally got chills today. It is an indescribable feeling to have so much love and support and most of all a safe space to share. Indrani is an intuitive guide and knows exactly how to tune in for each module."

"Hello to my gorgeous kick-ass coach, I knew from the moment I began following you I wanted to with with you and I kept manifesting it to happen. So I put the intention for me to work on one of your courses. The moment you released this certification program I knew this was perfect for me to be proud to be an effortless life certified coach so I began doing more affirmations and mantras and before I knew it husband was asking me what I wanted for Christmas. Normally I would hesitate and and say nothing just having you and the kids is what makes me happy but if you really want to get me something you can give me money to buy clothes. But this time I spoke out which was uncharacteristic for me and told him what I wanted was very costly but it would help massively to upgrade my business. Once my hubby looked at the program and said yes I had tears filling up with absolute joy. I just knew this was going to be such an amazing course but it has exceeded my expectations by tackling issues which have been persistent in my life such as long time, my self belief, my lack in my life. One of our sessions focuses on money mindset and this session just blew my mind!!"


"There are so many shifts and take aways from the whole process including all the amazing bonuses too.

Rewriting my story was huge for me, I've been stuck in my old story my whole life and need to let that shit go while completely embracing my New Powerful Story that I am so excited by.

Focusing on getting my environment Calm and Zen like is such a huge part of success all around and having less stress/anxiety.

Being about to grow and level up with so many amazing women really is such a powerful experience.

The vibes and energy on our Live videos and modules are sooo amazing even on the replay. It's just so good to be a part of knowing we are all changing within to change the world.

Being about to shift, change, grow and level up in such safe amazing environment is priceless plus being able to then share all this knowledge we are learning with others in the future is going to be soooo incredible and I am so excited."


Are you ready to do this? I've got your back. Let's go.  

PLEASE NOTE: Once the remaining spots are filled, the price will double for the next mastermind. 



Do I have to have an existing offer already in place to do this?

No! You will be able to create your offer in this program. If you already have an offer, we will dive into it to ensure it is in complete alignment with you and your clients.  

What is the feel of the program?

The women in my program have had massive results with the group calls because what we get into is a combo of mindset, energy and creating your custom kickass strategy to meet you where you are. The most important thing is your commitment to show up, share and do the work. 

What time are the weekly group calls?

We will start Wednesday January 24th, with a bonus call on January 11th. When you enroll now, you will have access to transformational bonuses immediately to set the foundation for the work we will do together. 

 Do you have any deals?

I LOVE a great deal! I am all about deals. And I love fast action takers. So, I will have a bonus of $1000 off for the first 5 days! SO GET IN NOW! 

P.S. It is supposed to be a mix of scary, exciting and fun! Because you are stepping into the NEXT LEVEL with this Effortless Launch mastermind. 

See you on the inside babe! To check out some testimonials from my clients, click the purchase offer button below. 



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