The Effortless Life 1:1 Mentorship

This custom mentorship is all about you. 

By investing in yourself through The Effortless Life Mentorship, we will get you clear and focused by creating a vision + strategy plan and accountability to keep you on track. 

We will work on the blocks and expand your feminine energy so both (masculine + feminine) energies can work together in balance to have you high vibe, intentional to take aligned action so you can achieve your goals without being a slave to your biz.   

If you are ready to uplevel, I invite you to fill out this application to ensure you are a good fit. 

“My life has totally transformed in the 3 months that we have worked together. I am totally different person on the inside and you have given me the life skills to handle life for a lifetime!!! My biggest fear when I invested in this program was that I wouldn't see any results. It was a lot of money to spend. I would still be in the same place emotionally and in my business when we completed our time together. I was worried that it was a complete waste of money because I had already spent a lot of money on courses and coaches trying to grow my business. Did Indrani resolve this fear? Yes, a 1000 times yes!! Indrani taught me how to love myself which is the biggest gift someone can give another. She helped me learn to trust in myself and my higher purpose. She gave me strategies to help my negative, self limiting beliefs around. You helped heal a part of me that I didn't even realize needed helping. I learned that I was worthy and deserving of everything I desired by teaching me how to do the inner work.More self love which affects my relationship with my kids, my husband and myself. I am kinder to Myself. My self awareness is at an all time high. I feel more in control of my life and less stressed and anxious. I am happier. I am more confident. All this has resulted in powerful manifestations and increased my recruiting rate. This was the first month in the 2 years that I have worked this business where I have recruited 4 consultants!!! I thought that people who did that were rockstars and now I am a rockstar!!! More confidence. More happiness. More self love. Less self criticism. More customers and consultants. More focus. I am manifesting my dreams!!! Working with Indrani is Effortless!!! She are an absolute dream to work with. She had the right balance of love, compassion but also getting shit done. She is so fun!! I loved that Indrani knows how to balance the feminine side and masculine side so well. My masculine brain needed that!!! Thank you Indrani!!”

- Visa Shanmugam

“I am a better more confident individual because of our work together! My biggest challenge was I didn't believe in myself. Did Indrani resolve this fear? ABSO-FREAKING-LUTLY!! The biggest benefits is that Indrani let me lead the calls, let me work on my biggest issues that I was facing for the week. And I would leave our meeting super pumped. Indrani have helped me realized that I know more than what I think. She also taught me many ways of dealing with my negative thoughts. So I will always have Indrani's voice in my head guiding me! My biggest results was the clarity on how I will succeed in my business. You have helped me see that what I want is absolutely possible! I loved working with Indrani! She always made sure we stayed on track, all of my questions where taken care of, it amazed me how you didn't forget or get distracted. She made me feel loved!”

- Elvira Cabreja


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