Become a Money Magnet!

Let's change your money game, forever!

This course is for you if ...

- You regularly experience a rollercoaster ride of emotions every time you think of your bank account. 

- You are ready to finally feel supported by money, and excited as you move towards your money goals.

- You want to release any constricting money feelings that hold you back from pursuing the life you desire!

- You are ready to bust through old patterns so that you can finally fund your dreams in a way that feels amazing!

Research shows our beliefs around money are a direct correlation to our financial behavior. This means your money thoughts and beliefs directly affect your bank account!

It's time to reprogram your mind in a way that is aligned to wealth!!


In this course, you will be rising to meet your money goals through:

Module One: Create the Container

- How clearing your mindset and space affects your bank account.

- Intentions and practices to release money behaviors that are not aligned to your money goals.

Module Two: The Energetic Acceleration

- Customizing your space to welcome increased money flow.

- Learn at-home rituals to shift any low vibe money woes ASAP!

Module Three: The Money Vision

- Why visualisation is your biggest asset towards living a wealthy life.

- How to create a money vision that alters the way you view money forever.

Module Four: Sacred Strategy

- Implement high vibe strategies divinely aligned with your money goals.

- Master refuelling and fine-tuning your money energy by tapping into daily sacred techniques.


What you will receive:

- 4 pre-recorded interactive coaching calls with Indrani 

- Immediate access to the bonus 2 hour call to set your intentions, release all that does not serve you, discover your resistance and then create a plan to overcome it. Sooo good. 


Comments from the Bonus Call:

"This process is extremely helpful! I have confidence I am able to change to the prosperous woman I am!" -  Catharine

"Indrani made this easy, not scary...not overwhelming!" -  Deanne

"I already feel a difference in my attitude around money and it coming to me.  It will change your experience if you are willing to be present and do the work. - Gail

"The call had great energy!  I enjoyed the guided meditations!  I felt at ease, happy, energized and excited anticipation through-out the call."  - Sarah


- Personalized at-home practices and rituals for wealth-building

- Accountability and support though the course's private FB group (to hold a space for your celebrations, questions + cheerlead you on!)

- Game-changing tools and techniques to shift any naughty money behaviours once and for all!

- Short meditations to integrate the weekly teachings

- A simple process to get your focused and taking powerful action to accelerate your manifestations.

As soon as you purchase the course, you will get access to the private Become a Money Magnet! FB group, where you will have support towards changing your money game forever!

Ready to start feeling excited about money again?! Let's do this!

The next time this course launches, it will be double the price. Get in now!!  



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