The Effortless Life Facilitator Certification Program

I am freaking so excited to announce my newest baby! The Effortless Life Facilitator Certification Program!!

I walk women through the simple yet powerful foundation to create an Effortless life.

We go through 8 core areas

- Emotions/Mindset
- Purpose
- Spiritual
- Relationship
- Self-care
- Health
- Sexuality
- Financial

I teach on each of these areas. I guide you through a process to create your UNIQUE structure, with my personal structure as a guide. You take action to create your Effortless structures. Then you teach others to do the same.

The Effortless Life Facilitator Certification Program is an depth process to ensure you are ready, confident & already have results so you can Effortlessly step into you business. So you can support your tribe with your gifts while leveraging the proven Effortless life tools (structures to use for your clients/students, client workbooks, presentations & social media images).

You are in my energy & my vibes. It's a powerful thing to have someone hold space for you, answer your questions & guides you. When you create your Effortless life, you will be so excited to help others with theirs. (That is why I invested in a Mastermind where I created this epic program for you) 💯

You have a mastermind feel where with powerful women who have the same goals, fears with diverse experiences to connect with, support and be supported.

You get me manifesting this with you. And I am a crazy powerful manifestor. #ManifestingMaven

You get my network. When you are certified, I have your back. I support you because I have seen your power. I introduce you to my tribe.

You are on my website as a certified Effortless Life Facilitator so people can learn more about you, vibe with you and hire you.

And of course, You get to do what YOU want in your business HOW you want it.

Do you want to do workshops online? In person? Maybe both?

You can do it anyway you like. You can focus and go deep on one Module.

Or you can have an 8 series group program, sharing the concepts I shared with you. Because you get all of the content as a certified facilitator.

In this program you receive:

- 12 life changing weeks with me teaching you how to create your Effortless life, with a focus on the areas above 
- A proven process where you can take your clients through
- Confidence with the exercises and assignments I give you
- Testimonials and practical application with clients
- The same presentations I share with you as I teach you the content.
- Student workbooks complete PDF's to share with you clients
- Range of powerful exercises you can pick and choose to share with your clients.
- My energy, manifesting for you
- Effortless Life Facilitator certification program
- 12 month private FB group with monthly trainings
- Visibility and marketing with my network to magnetize your clients
- Create a soul aligned brand that resonates with your soul 

And you get so much more.

This offerings is the most powerful download I have received.

NO OTHER program has this depth with this price point.

This will be the lowest price you can ever get in.

I am so excited to welcome the kickass women who are ready to create their Effortless Life, get certified & teach The Effortless Life to their world!


1. If you are one of the first 5 women to join, you will receive a 30 minute breakthrough coaching session with me for FREE (Value $625)

2 spots are already taken (before I even creating this sales page!) with PMs coming in 🔥. So if you know this is for you, make it happen!

2. If you are one of the first 15 to join, you will receive the custom energized Effortless Life Mala Necklace (Value $222)

3. 90 Days to Abundance course (Value $97)

4. Opportunity to host the Archangels in your home for blessings & support your intentions. It is an amazing experience!

5. And what is priceless is my energy. My vibes. Me holding space for you to step into your next level. The women who you are connected with, your sisters who will be your tribe to grow, support and celebrate with.

You just can't put a price tag on that. 

This is for the women ...

- Who know they are ready for the next level in their life. They are ready to step into their Effortless Life, get certified so they can guide their clients to create their version of an Effortless Life. 

- Who is determined, committed and ready to take the action to quantum leap their success.

- Who desires to help others, but they do not vibe with creating the program, content, workbooks, presentations, social media, branding ... they would rather just use content they are deeply connected to and serve. 

- Who know the power of a tribe and the magic that happens when you are around like minded women who have huge goals. 


Are you ready to do this? I've got your back. Let's go.  

Who am I? 

My story will be turned into a movie one day. We don't have enough time to dive deep, so I will share with you what I went through to create my Effortless life & biz that I am obsessed with. Here is an overview of my journey ... Read more here ... 


Do I have to have a business already in place to do this?

No! This is for women who are ready to step into their Effortless Life and then help others do the same thing. When you are complete with the certification, you will already have coached clients and led a workshop. And we will be working on your brand. This will NOT BE OFFERED in the next round. It will be an additional charge. So you will have the confidence, skills, integrity and proven structures to help your clients create their version of an Effortless life! 

What do I need to do to succeed? I don't have any experience. I am nervous. 

The most important thing is your commitment to show up, participate and do the work. When you do these things, you will get results. Because I provide the structures, mindset, and tools to build your confidence and brand. 

Is there a guarantee?

There is no money back guarantee. Because, babe - you ARE the guarantee. When you show up to do the work. When you share your concerns in our tribe. And we will support you. As you step through your fears, with our support, you will be blown away at the personal changes you experiences changes when you create your Effortless Life. You will complete the assignments and do the work, so you do not have self doubt or the fraud complex, because you are in integrity. You will be coaching others to build your confidence and skills, as well as led your workshop. So, this is a true practice ground to step into your power, integrity, confidence and gifts to serve the world with the Effortless Life structures! 


When does this start? And what time are the weekly group calls?

We will start the last week of October. We will take a poll to see the best time for all and create a schedule then. All of the calls will be recorded and able to watch over and over again. 

What will I be able to do with the Effortless Life Facilitator Certification Training?

You will be able to support your clients in creating their Effortless life through group programs, workshops and use your gifts with the structures to create 1:1 programs!

Think of this this way ... you can do a workshop on one of the eight modules. Charge $97 and all you need are 30 students pay for this program! If you do the workshops weekly, you can grow your tribe, give them powerful results and they will share and continue to take your workshops! That is effortless. And if a student wants to take the Certification training, you can be an affiliate and make $500 for each person who joins with your custom link! I love win/wins. 


Do you have extended payment plans?

Hit me up here and we can see if we can set up an extended payment link for you.  

I WANT TO DO THIS! Got any tips to make it happen for me? 

I was in your same shoes. So here is what I would do ...

1. State it to the Universe "I am open, excited to receive the money for this life changing program. I am open to guidance and ready to do my part! And so it is"

2. I would meditate daily and then ask "What can I do today to bring in this desire?" And then set a timer for 5 minutes and journal 50 ways to pay for it. BE OPEN. 

3. Take massive inspired action. When I paid for my $5k group program I used PayPal credit. And I paid it off in a month! It was scary, but I had skin in the game to play all out. 

4. Know it is a done deal. Decide you are in the program. Feel how amazing it will feel when you get the Congratulations email. Marinate in this changing your life. You got this!

P.S. It is supposed to be a mix of scary, exciting and fun! Because you are stepping into your next level with this program. 


See you on the inside babe! To check out some testimonials from my clients, click the purchase offer button below. 


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