Become a Manifesting Maven - 12 Week Course


Are you ready to take control of your reality to manifest a life you absolutely love?

Do you want the confidence and trust in yourself to create an extraordinary life? 

Do you know something is holding you back and ready to bust through your blocks?

If you are tired of being a victim of your current reality ...
If you are ready to harness the energy of the Universe to bring forth people, events and opportunities to manifest your desires ...

If you are ready to bust through your glass ceiling & create an Effortless Life you are Obsessed with ...


Become A Manifesting Maven Course combines the Power of the:

Feminine energy: Uncovers blocks to raise vibrations + mindset + vision to step into flow to bring people, opportunities & events into your reality

Masculine energy: Create a plan & take aligned action to actively co-create the future you desire
This course leverages both energies to create the perfect balance to manifest like a motha' lovin' maven.

This course goes through 12 powerful modules to align your energy + create a plan and take inspired action to create a life you are Obsessed with! 

Module 1: Uncover Your Blocks - Get to the Root of Anything Which May Hold You Back
Module 2: Conquer Your Fear - Overcome & Leverage Your Fear
Module 3: What is Holding You Back? - Find Out What is Messing with Your Manifesting Game
Module 4: Clarity is KING & QUEEN - Get Crystal Clear on Your Desires
Module 5: All About Your Vibes - Understand the Role Our Energetic Levels Play into Our Reality
Module 6: Unleash Your Purpose - When We are Aligned in Our Purpose, Success is Inevitable
Module 7: Create Your Vision - Creative Visualization is a Powerful Part of Manifesting
Module 8: Be a Goal Digger - Create Goals to Manifest Your Desires
Module 9: Find Your Inner GPS - Unlock Your Inner Guidance
Module 10: Trust Your Inner GPS Through Confidence
Module 11: Become a Manifesting Maven Part I - Putting it All Together
Module 12: Become a Manifesting Maven Part II - The Final Touch

Bonus 1: Create Habits to Leverage Time (Value $97)
Bonus 2: Effortless Planning System (Value $27)



I'm Indrani Phillips

In the Time Since I Was The Struggling Coach I Just Described I’ve Become a Powerful Manifestor.

Some Of My Fav Manifestations Are ...

  • My soulmate as a Divorced Mom! We have been married for 5 years and he still gives me butterflies 8 years from the day he came into my life!
  • A kick ass coaching business! I have a schedule full of 1:1 kismet clients (paid in full) who are magnetized to me and ready to transform their life. My monthly 5 figure income increases EVERY MONTH.
  • Getting published! I set the intention to be published on the Huffington Post and without actually pitching to them they approached me to write a piece for them after they saw my article in Elephant Journal. 

If you’re reading this and thinking “well, great for you, Indrani, but I’ve never been that lucky in my life,” then lean-in closer because I've got something really great to share.

This isn’t about luck!

Manifesting isn't something that happens for the “lucky few.” It’s something that you can learn, something that I teach every single day. And I know that if I (and dozens of my clients) can do it, so can you!


This is the exact reason I created my


Becoming a Manifesting Maven is Easier than You Can Imagine ...

I even manifested our dream home in Los Angeles while we were falling out of escrow on another home. Our dream home was double the property for a lower price! Check it out!



"I have taken the Become a Manifesting Maven course and it has been a game changer in my life! Here are just some the benefits I have received from the course!

- I uncovered my blocks which held me back in pursuing my true passion of branching out with my coaching!

- I have found my purpose and have been able to step into it by taking this course! 

- I freaking manifested my pregnancy and will forever be grateful for this course! 

Check it out below! 
If you have have any questions, please message me and I will be happy to answer them!

It was one of the most amazing courses I have ever taken. I know I will be going back to it again and again!"

Ivy Anderson

Thank you Indrani for this amazing course. It has helped me to realize things about myself that I had no idea were there. It helped me find my purpose and release my blocks and I know it will be a useful resource well into my future.  Thank you so much again and the Manifesting Maven program ROCKS!!!  An investment in myself worth making.

Thank You Indrani!


- Nicole Pierson

Here are just a few of the comments from the modules in the course. 

"I loved this module. It made so much sense, I believe that for years I have surpassed my feelings to avoid disappointment or through fear of disappointment. I have also never accepted the feeling of jealousy but I see now I should of just accepted it and then questioned myself on it to get past it rather than ignoring it but it never really going! Thank you xx"

"Okay so, not gonna lie this week has been rough. I watched the video, looked at the PDF, and got a little intimidated by having to actually examine my blame game...I knew I needed to this so I could move forward and get clear, I kept thinking, ' i see what i want, but what does blaming others have to do with me getting what I want'?? I felt all over the place, not realizing I was making excuses, and THIS is where the hard work comes in...i was avoiding it because I was fearful of having to own my shit!!! WTF?! Soi had a talk with myself, and examined why and where this fear was coming from, why was I avoiding this so much?!? I realized my ego was getting shut down, and it was clambering for anything to remain in its comfy fearful state...nuh uh!! I wasn't having that!! Then, it all became clear to me, and holy shit it GOT CLEAR!!! **say whaaatt?!?!?!** Doing the work actually worked?!?! I can't even begin to say how amazing it feels to own it, be okay with it and welcome all the new that i know coming! I just gotta say. DAMN!!! This is some powerful stuff Indrani, THANK YOU!!! Thank you, a million times thank you!!! "

"This was amazing! My biggest take away was the Book It! I will take a picture and post on facebook group what I came up with as a result of this module. You Are Your Habits! Definitely - there's a lot to work on!" 

"This process from this module was so amazing! I know my purpose, it was really coming down to refining it, and feeling worth of that purpose. The deep dive sheets were so helpful and I feel like a lot of energy was moved and my purpose has become more clear. Thank you again Indrani for a wonderful fulfilling module. I am loving this course more and more as we get deeper and deeper!!!"

"I have to really dig deep and see where these fears lay and work through them. The resistance I feel just thinking about doing the work tells me its much needed."

"Loved this. Some really useful stuff here. Visualising and knowing myself are most useful as is the book it bit. Still can't get the PDF to upload or download and would really like to see it  😊 Thanks Indrani- looking forward to what's coming next  💛"

"I love this module! I am always telling people to be thankful for their fear, because we need it. We just need to learn how to embrace it and to work through it and listen to ourselves to not let it stop us in our tracks  :) great module thank you!"

"Really loved this video especially the behavior changes and book it, those can really be game changers!"



I put my heart & soul into this course. I believe in it with every cell of my being. I have curated my learnings into this unique course, just for you. 

Get lifetime access to this transformational course now!

I’ve also been featured on more than a dozen leading websites and publications that my friends and clients tell me they dream of!



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