The Effortless Life Planning System

The Effortless Planning System is a solution for creatives who have a ton of ideas but not sure how to implement their ideas to share with the world.

The system is over 20 pages PDF file which includes:

- Monthly Ritual - Having a monthly ritual is a beautiful process to plan out your month. Here is where you select an area of your life you would like to improve & simple steps to achieve more fulfillment in that area. 

- Project Planning - I share with you simple structures to take action in your projects to move them forward so you can impact the world & make money doing it. 

- Weekly Ritual - this is powerful for setting yourself up for success. When you take the time to write things down, you can focus on achieing your goals!

- Weekly Brain Dump - This is GENIUS to get all of your ideas onto paper, then prioritize and delegate your work. 

- Money Tracker to Attract in the Money You Deserve. This is magical to honor your money, stay on track & manifest money like a maven!

- Weekly Inspiration Log

- Daily Planner with a Mantra; Includes Daily Plan, Goals, Follow Up ist, To Do list, Nightly Rituals to get into High Vibes for Powerful Manifesting

- Saturday Reflections - to Find the Silver Linings by Sharpening the Saw & Celebrationg the Wins

This is a game changer!



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